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Steppingstones4Refugees is a platform for (enterprising) refugees, locals, organizations & businesses

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The Steppingstone4refugees platform is an initiative of students from VU Amsterdam and presents a mapping of organizations that aim to contribute to the societal inclusion of refugees in the Netherlands. The goal of this hub is to inform (enterprising) refugees, employers, supporting organizations as well as professional institutions by collecting, presenting and linking to existing information on supporting organizations in the domain of entrepreneurship, labor market participation, social participation, education, research and civil society initiatives.

A stepping stone means “an action or event that helps one to make progress towards a specified goal”1.

In terms of entrepreneurship, this platform presents a step-by-step program, which informs refugees how to set up their own enterprise in the Netherlands. This step-by-step program gives refugees confidence in the regulatory environment by clarifying what support is available and providing certainty about rights and regulations.

Regarding research, this platform is related to the Learning Crossroads research project, which maps civil society initiatives that aim to contribute to the societal inclusion of refugees in the Netherlands. This project zooms in on the narrative trajectories of some civil society initiatives that have emerged in the last four years in the Netherlands.